Astral Viron Connect Pool Automation​

The Viron Connect 10 is an interactive touch screen pool and spa control system that helps you automate your pool.

The Viron Connect system suitable for installing anywhere undercover and connects all pool and spa equipment for easy operation and personalisation for your pool and spa.

Viron Connect’s software is based on a Single Touch Favourite Mode system. All your favourite operating modes for the pool and/or spa system are programmed and personalised so that a single touch will activate your pool or spa. “Night Time Spa” (heater on, filter pump, motorised valves, jet pump and spa lights) can all be programmed to come on at the touch of a Single Personalised Favourite Mode. “School Holidays” may be named and personalised to turn a waterfall, pool heater and night light on. Install the optional Internet Gateway, download “Connect my pool” app from iTunes or Android store and now you can event operate your pool from anywhere in the world.

Flexible, easy to program and even easier to use, Viron Connect gives you the simplicity and affordability to control your pool and spa.

Enquire about the Astral Connect 10

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