DAB’s pumps for swimming pools are developed to guarantee reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance. They are designed to offer considerable savings and comfort for the end user.

The pump is the beating heart of the swimming pool, since it moves the water for the purpose of filtration and treatment. A conventional pump, however, can be extremely expensive as it consumes more power than all the other devices combined. For this reason, DAB designed the highly energy-efficient E.SWIM electronic pump with low-consumption variable speed motor and hydraulics far superior to those of single-speed pumps.

E.SWIM is the ideal solution for keeping down energy costs: it requires up to 90% less power than a conventional pump at constant speed.

Whisper Quiet

Extreme silent running, thanks to the water cooled technology.
No vibration, no cooling fan, anti vibration feet. The special water cooled motor, the inverter and the anti vibration feet make e.swim the most silent swimming pool pump on the market.

Note: Example with 3 cycles per day, 10 hours a day and 200 days of operation per year

Energy Efficient

The new e.swim is the best solution to dramatically reduce energy consumption, thanks to:

  • High efficiency brushless magnet motor
  • Highly efficient hydraulics to reduce pressure losses
  • 8 settable speeds

Built in Safety

E.Swim with SVRS* software gives you full peace of mind: we have designed a system that disables the suction of the swimming pool pump, so that bodies or objects trapped against the suction port may be quickly released.

*E.Swim SVRS model available on request.


Self-priming centrifugal high performance electric pumps with incorporated high capacity pre-filter. Completely watertight motor. Extremely silent and highly reliable, developed for the circulation and filtration of water in domestic and residential swimming pools.


High performance with low energy consumption


Silent running at 60 dBa


Corrosion resistant materials for a long life even at extreme conditions.


Easy-to-open transparent cover for quick cleaning of the filter