Mineral Swim by Maytronics


The Mineral Swim System combines 100% Dead Sea minerals with natural pool water purification to create therapeutic, healthy and crystal clear water.

Imagine you’re swimming in the ancient body of water known as the Dead Sea. Immerse yourself in its natural beauty, your skin starts to feel softer, rejuvenated by the salts and minerals revered over the ages for their healing qualities. The warm sun shines down upon you, filtered through layers of mind-clearing oxygen and saline mists. Buoyed by the salts, you swim peacefully and in harmony with the Earth. Your body returns to balance in the unique Dead Sea waters.

Now imagine experiencing this in your very own swimming pool. Mineral Swim, crafted by Maytronics, is composed of authentic salts and minerals completely from the Dead Sea. An infusion of these Minerals in your swimming pool is like bringing the Dead Sea home. Mineral Swim offers the Dead Sea’s natural health benefits and relaxing properties to you, right where you live.

Thousands of Years
of Health and Beauty to your Pool

A Perfect Balance of Science and Nature

For thousands of years, the Dead Sea has attracted visitors from around the world, searching to renew their skin’s vitality and youthfulness with the magnesium (Mg) rich mineral deposits along its shores. With high mineral content, low concentration of pollens, allergens and oxygen at high atmospheric pressure, the Dead Sea is an epicentre for health research and treatment.

The health and wellbeing benefits of Dead Sea Minerals are well documented and include:

  • Vitality for the skin’s healthy function
  • Promotes cellular renewal for a youthful looking skin
  • Facilitates cell-to-cell communication
  • Nourishes the skin’s top layers

Visit mineralswim.com for more research on the benefits of magnesium.

Low Allergens and Oxygen at high atmospheric pressure make the Dead Sea an epicentre for health research and treatment.