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Best value pool you can put in your backyard.

A swimming pool is to summer what an open fire is to winter! It’s what family together and makes life special. It’s where children come to splash and play, it’s where mums and dads relax and let the cares of the world just float away.

Here in Australia we’re lucky and the summers are hot and long. Unsurprisingly, the backyard pool has become part of our culture, a time-honoured tradition that we at Aquafirst Stern’s have been encouraging and supporting for over forty years.

We believe that every Aussie family is entitled to fun-filled days around their own pool.

And so we design and build a range of above-ground and in-ground pools that suit every size of yard and every size of budget.

For the price of a family holiday, we can help turn your backyard into a resort that you can visit every day of the week for free!

Benefits of a Modular Pool

Above Ground Pools have come a long way over there 50 year history.

More Choices

Modular above ground pools are available in various sizes, shapes and colours. You can even have a deep end for extra fun.

Cost Effective

Pre made components so it can be manufactured in bulk passing the savings on to you. A modular pool is arguably the most cost effective method of getting a pool in your backyard with landscaping.

Easy Installation

Compared with the expense and lengthy construction of a concrete pool or the logistical challenges of a fibreglass pool, a modular pool is a dream to install. A modular pool can be installed by a professional installer in as little as a day.

Are Portable

People are living in their homes for shorter periods than they have in the past, so if you decide to sell your house, it makes sense to take your pool with you to enjoy at your new home – and that’s something which is completely plausible with a modular pool.

More splash for your cash!

What makes an Above Ground Pool the best your money can buy?


Unlike many of our competitors, Stern’s pools are made right here in Australia. We’re the only manufacturer to use the thickest, highest quality, galvanised, BlueScope steel. Our work is engineered to last and hand- finished to the most exacting standards.


Above ground pools are based on modular designs. This means a size and shape can be chosen that fits perfectly in the space.

Easy Installation

Due to the modular design our pool are so easy to install that it’s often done in just one day. What starts as a bare patch of ground in the morning can be sparkling water by the time you go to bed.

Minimal Maintenance

We want you to spend your time enjoying your pool – swimming in it or lounging beside it - not worrying about the water. We’ve designed our pools and equipment packages to keep maintenance to an absolute minimum.


Our range of beautiful pools will enable you to achieve the look and feel of a concrete or fibreglass pool but at a fraction of the cost.


Forty years of experience has taught us how to produce pools of the highest quality and durability and so we have the confidence to issue an industry leading warranty.

Install Options

One of the great benefits of a Modular Above Ground Pool is it’s ability to go just about anywhere. These pools are engineered to be installed out of the ground or for a more high end look in the ground with beautiful paving or decking surround.

Above Ground

Most cost effective install and perfect if you required portability.

Semi In-Ground

Great option for sloping blocks, or rocky uneven ground.

Fully In-Ground

The look of a concrete or fiberglass pool for a fraction of the cost.

Shape & Size Options

We have a size and shape to suit just about every lifestyle and backyard. From the smallest 3.75m round pool up to a 25m lap pool, we guarantee you’ll find a size that suits you perfectly.

All sizes are 1.37m deep. * Size available with a 1.8m Deep End.




3m x 3.9m x 5.35m*
3m x 4.7m x 6.98m*
3m x 5.36m x 8.36m*
3m x 6.16m x 9.93m*


2.55m x 3.55m
2.55m x 4.75m
2.55m x 5.95m
2.55m x 7.15m
2.55m x 8.35m
2.55m x 9.55m

3.15m x 4.15m
3.15m x 5.35m
3.15m x 6.55m
3.15m x 7.75m
3.15m x 8.95m
3.15m x 10.15m
3.15m x 11.35m

3.80m x 5.00m*
3.80m x 6.20m*
3.80m x 7.40m*
3.80m x 8.60m*
3.80m x 9.80m*

4.56m x 6.96m*
4.56m x 8.16m*
4.56m x 9.36m*
4.56m x 10.56m*
4.56m x 11.76m*


3.80m x 5.00m
3.80m x 6.20m
3.80m x 7.40m
3.80m x 8.60m
3.80m x 9.80m


4.80m x 7.68m*
4.80m x 8.88m*
4.80m x 10.08m*

Equipment Options

All packages come as standard with a 75SqFt Cartridge Filter, 1Hp High Performance Pump, A Frame Ladder, and a Hand Over Kit.


Manually Chlorinated

Floating Dispenser or Liquid


Auto Chlorinated

Bulletproof Salt Chlorinator


Super Fresh Water

Latest Ozone Technology

Liner Options

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Pacific Pebble

Midnight Blue

Sky Blue


On Display

Want to see the above ground pool on display? Visit our showroom.


Simply speaking, a modular pool is a pool that is put together in a modular way. They have set sizes and shapes that fit together to make a variety of combinations. Modular pools are a perfect alternative to concrete and fibreglass pools, particularly for specific budgets and challenging sites.

It is easiest to think of a modular pool as the next generation of the old style above-ground pools. While both pools can be installed above ground, only a truly modular pool system is engineered to be installed completely or partially in-ground.

The Stern’s Pools brand has been around for over 50 years and it is not uncommon for their modular pools to last in the ground for 25 years or more with proper maintenance. All Stern’s Pools have a 20-year warranty on the pool structural system.

Typically 10-15 years. However, the Stern’s Pools have been around for over 50 years and offer a 20 year pro-rata warranty on the structural system.

The structural systems of our pools are made with the thickest Galvanised Steel available on the pool market, UV stabilised PVC plastic, and the walls of double coated BlueScope Flexographic (Colourbond) material. The liner is 0.5mm flexible PVC.

Stern’s Pools are proudly Australian Made with all pool structures and PVCs liner made at there factory in NSW.

What is included in the Modular or Above-ground Pool kit?

The basic kit includes the pool structural components, liner, basic pump, basic filter, steps, and maintenance equipment. Each element can be upgraded or added to depending on requirements and budgets.

Across the range, Stern’s Pools come in Round, Oval, Rectangular, Keyhole; and Raindrop.

Stern’s pools are lined with top quality 0.5m coloured PVC that is shaped and welded at there factory in NSW.

Stern’s offer 5 liner colours: Sky Blue, Midnight Blue, Jade, Marble and Pacific Pebble.

Absolutely. There are options from the basic bubble blankets, to complete leaf covers, and automatic rollers. It’ll all depend on the requirements.

Absolutely. However, not all robotic cleaners are suitable. The Dolphin E10 is the cleaner we would recommend.

Yes. All Stern’s Pools come with a 10-year warranty on the pool liner and a 20-year warranty on the shell. The equipment warranty is as per the individual manufacturer.

This warranty is a testament to our confidence Stern’s has in producing the best quality modular above ground pool on the market.

Absolutely. Solar, Gas or Heat Pump are all able to be installed on a Modular or Above-ground Pool.

Absolutely. However, not all of the Stern’s Pools range will work with a Salt Chlorinator.

Absolutely. We would always recommend at least one Multi Coloured LED light in every pool.

Modular pools can be as little as $3,000 for a basic pool and equipment right up to $15,000 plus for a 25m lap pool.

Things to consider when installing a modular pool in-ground or partially in-ground are the council permits, temporary fencing, excavation, pool assembly, plumbing, soil backfilling, decking or paving and pool fencing.

If this seems daunting, don’t worry. We have a crew of experienced installers who complete over 100 pools per year that take care of the whole process for you.

If you are looking at installing a modular pool in-ground or partially in-ground then the cost will be roughly the same as the pool kit itself. This is dependant on factors such as position, access, excavation, landscaping etc.

If you are looking at installing a modular pool above ground then the cost will be roughly a third to a half the price of the pool kit itself. This is dependant on factors such as position, access, landscaping etc.

Yes. All new pool installations in Australia require approval from local councils.

Absolutely. Once you have selected your pool, we assist you through the whole permit process.

Customers can receive a drafted site plan and all Stern’s Pools Australian engineering documentation adequate for all councils and certifiers to compete the approval process.

We then give you advise on using private certifiers or going directly to the council for the approval.

This not only gives you the assurance of the integrity the product, it also assists in the approval process and in most cases once we have gathered the required information we can provide you or the certifier with plans the same day.

Sure can. We have an experienced installation team that completes over 100 pools per year.

With the use of a professional installer, an installation can take as little as a day up to a week depending on weather, pool size, equipment, landscaping etc.

Gallery, Equipment upgrade options, The process (inc permits)


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