Winter Pool Covers

Pool cleaning and maintenance is a repetitive and time-consuming task, especially during the winter months when all you want to do is snuggle up inside with a hot cup of coffee. Get a winter pool cover to help the process and ease the burden.

Prevents mess

These covers are specially designed to prevent unwanted dirt, leaves, insects, and other debris landing in your pool. The flat design covers your pool completely and means that most debris will just blow away or gather in one area to be easily swept, hosed or scooped never to be a problem again.

Keeps your water toped up

They reduce evaporation while allowing rainwater to flow through. Topping up your levels in the process and cutting your costs. They also effective sunlight limiting the growth of algae, which leads to expensive cleaning and maintenance. The winter covers work well in conjunction with a bubble cover used to maintain water level and chemicals throughout the offseason.

Steps to Install


Another line of Defence

They can act as another line of defence in protecting pets and children from accidentally falling into the pool.

Investing in a winter pool cover and save yourself the hassel over winter.