How to fix stubborn algae (Mustard and Black Spot)

Algae, once established, can become a constant battle for the pool owner. “Mustard” algae and “black spot” are the most stubborn of algae bloom. Mustard algae This variety of algae grows as a yellow and dusty substance on the pool floor, walls or water surface. Treatment for this algae is relatively easy. Bring a picture … Read more

Common pool stains and what to do about it

Swimming pools, particularly newer swimming pools, with light or white interiors can be highly susceptible to staining. Understanding what these stains are and preventing them is optimal. However, there are ways to treat almost any staining that you may come across. Some common problems and solutions are detailed below: Calcium leaching Calcium staining is very common … Read more

What is a mineral pool?

Each year millions of people fly around the world to exotic locations to bathe in natural mineral baths and springs. These proclaimed ‘fountains of youth’ contain naturally occurring combinations of minerals that soothe the body and relax the mind. A mineral pool is a pool that uses a mineral enhanced additive such as IQ Mineral … Read more