What is a mineral pool?

Each year millions of people fly around the world to exotic locations to bathe in natural mineral baths and springs. These proclaimed ‘fountains of youth’ contain naturally occurring combinations of minerals that soothe the body and relax the mind.

A mineral pool is a pool that uses a mineral enhanced additive such as IQ Mineral Enhance Additive in conjunction with salt and an appropriate mineral chlorinator to create the same therapeutic effect in your pool at home.

One swim in a mineral pool leaves you feeling calm, nourished, rejuvenated and revitalised. It’s like having a natural bath or spring in your backyard.

IQ Mineral Enhance Additive is a unique blend of natural occurring minerals such as magnesium chloride that when added to your pool enhances water quality and provides fantastic health and wellbeing benefits to you and your family.
For use with mineral pools & spas.

The benefits of Mineral Pool:

  • Provides a softer and more natural feeling with little to no taste while moisturising your skin as you swim
  • Gentle on sensitive skin especially young children and people with conditions like eczema and dermatitis
  • Provide a natural relief to muscular complaints as it is absorbed through the pores of the skin relaxing the nervous and muscular system.
  • Produce a mild flocking agent enhancing water quality to help filter out extremely fine material such as dust and dirt, providing a crystal clear swimming pool all year round and reduces the need for specialty chemicals like clarifiers and algaecides
  • Prolongs the life of your equipment. This mineral system uses less corrosive salt and prolongs the life of any equipment, accessories and products used in and around your pool.

IQ Mineral Enhance Additive in conjunction with the entire Theralux Mineral System is designed to unlock the full potential of a natural mineral swimming environment.