What is stabiliser?

Stabiliser in your pool acts as a chemical sunscreen for your chlorine. We wear sunscreen to prevent ourselves from getting burnt, stabiliser acts the same way - it will prevent your pool from ‘getting burnt’ which stops chlorine burning off.  

Why do I need stabiliser?

By having the desired level of stabiliser in your pool, you will save money, time, energy and water. How do you save all of those factors? Money because you’re reducing the amount of chlorine that needs to be added to the pool. Time because you’re not needing to constantly add and remove a cover every time you swim in place of stabiliser. Energy, because your pump, filter and chlorinator won’t have to run as long. Lastly, water because you’re not having to backwash and rinse as often. Stabiliser levels should be anywhere between 30-50ppm.  

How do I treat high stabiliser levels?

High stabiliser levels can be hard to treat but it’s not impossible. The most effective way to reduce stabiliser levels is by draining the pool and refilling it. Bring a pool water sample in for a free test and we’ll let you know how much is required to drain and top up. After each drain and refill, it is best to retest the water chemistry after two to three days, as it will tell us if we need to continue with diluting the stabiliser or if we have reached optimal stabiliser levels. We can also rebalance the water when stabiliser levels are closer to optimal.  

How do I prevent high stabiliser levels?

Stabiliser enters your pool in two ways, directly and in stabilised chlorine. The most common of the two is stabilised chlorine because the stabiliser levels creep up higher and higher each time stabilised chlorine is added which can shock pool owners at their next water test. These are the most effective ways to prevent high stabiliser levels:
  • Test your water chemistry often. Approximately once every two weeks during swimming season and once a month for the rest of the year
  • If using a powdered chlorine, swap between granular and stabilised chlorine
  • Avoid adding stabiliser to the pool during winter