A fresh take on the local pool store

At Aquafirst (previously The Pool Warehouse), we believe that life is better with water. We understand the feeling you get when your children are laughing and playing. We understand the sense of pride you have when on a hot summers day your place is chosen for the family BBQ. We understand that there is nothing better than to laze around the pool reading a book while the world passes you by. Or relaxing in the spa after a hard days work.

So, we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving pool and spa passionate people.

For us, it’s more about the joy of hearing you relax, than it is cleaning the pool! We provide our customers with the right products; services and advice that they need to become a great pool owner. It’s what has made The Pool Warehouse the first choice by many local pool owners.

We aim to make looking after your pool as easy as possible. We employ passionate people and train them to assist you in maintaining your pool in the most cost effective, healthy and environmentally friendly way. This is what you’ll only ever find the best brands and right advice at our one easy location.

Pool owners will find everything they need for their pools – high chemicals, quality filtration equipment, wide selection of suction and robotic pool cleaners, fun pool toys, pool renovation options, all your replacement parts, and loads of great advice.

Also, from our single superstore location, we offer convienent poolside servicing across the full Melbourne metro area, in particular we cover Brighton to Cheltenham, Mentone to Dingley, and from Dandenong right through to Patterson Lakes and Frankston.

In our eyes, the world is better with pools and we take the ownership of pool as a privilege.

So whether you’re new to owning a pool, or an expert many times over, our staff are ready to serve you and your needs.


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