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LAST UPDATED: 8:00am Tuesday 21 July 2020

From our perspective we consider the family pool an important part in maintaining a sense of connection in this difficult time. Not to mention something in your home that if left unattended could become a breading ground for bacteria. Especially as we will still most likely have a number of warmer days in the weeks ahead.

This is why at the moment in time we consider our pool business essential and are staying open.

Up until this point we have taken every percussion in the store and on the road to maintain the recommended guidelines for Social Distancing and Sanitisation. This will continue.

That said. If you do not need to come to the shop here are a few things we have done to make it easier for you.

Onsite Water Tests

We have just release a great service 'Onsite Pool Water Test' or more affectionally know 'Letterbox Water Testing'. It's simple and safe. All you need to do is purchase online, leave your sample outside, we do the test and email the results. You'll never need to see us and you'll be able to still maintain healthy water without ever coming in to the store.

Online Chemicals

Chemicals are not normally sold online as logistic companies are not willing to ship to residential addresses. However, we can. We've fast tracked the launch of our new ecommerce website and kicked it off with a range of online pool chemicals. As a bonus for a limited time we're offering free delivery to your door. Simply use the code 'SURVIVAL' at check out.

Shutdown Kits

These are great economical all-in-one chemical solution and provides everything you need to keep you going. We have included a one month and three month salt, liquid and powdered chlorine kit. More will be release in the coming week. Check them out. 

Activities for Kids

Need something for the kids to do? Not to worry. We have Removable Pool Slides, Trampolines, Swing Sets, Monkey Bars and heaps more. Get your orders in as soon as you're able to make sure you don't miss out.

Please Buy local

Lastly. This situation is unprecedented and we know that during the shutdown it might be easier to simply jump online and buy things from and unknown business outside the region or state.

Please, before you do, we ask you consider the larger impact.

We are a small business that serve local families and employ local people. It goes a long way when you support us.

We have worked very hard to make sure our product and service are accessible during this time and although we anticipate logistics and supply issue in the future this is by no means the current situation. Many of our suppliers are also local and have assured us they are in a strong position for the foreseeable future.

Thank You and Swim On!


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