So You're Thinking of Buying A Pool, but Which One?

This article is designed to help you choose the right pool for you.

  1. Sanitisation
  2. Deep-end option
  3. Shape
  4. Size 

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1. Sanitisation

How you plan on keeping the water clean and free of germs, is important because it will determine which of the Sterns Modular pool range you can choose from.

Your sanitisation options include:

Chlorine Sanitiser

All Sterns Modular pools are capable of using chlorine. Please refer to manufacturers instructions.

Salt and Mineral Salt Sanitisers

Salt chlorination has been the standard in modern pools for many years, managing 90% of the daily maintenance for you.

The Sterns Whitsunday range of pools, is the only pool with resin vertical posts and resin top coping, built to resist the naturally corrosive nature of salt. 

Other Sanitisation Methods

Other methods include UV and Ozone. These methods are typically used in conjunction with one of the two methods above, adding to it's effect rather than replacing it completely.

*UV is only available with our Aspire Premium Modular Pool range. 

2. Deep-end Option

This may not be the most important option for you, but if you plan on having a deep-end in your pool, you'll need to know now, because it will affect what shapes and sizes of pool you can choose from.

Pool Shapes That Have Deep-ends

  • Oval
  • Teardrop
  • Keyhole

See all your deep end pool options here.

Minimum Width for a Deep-end

Without getting too technical, deep-ends occur in the circular end of a pool and due to the angle of the slope, there is a minimum width required to achieve a deep-end in the middle of that circle.

The minimum pool width to achieve a deep-end pool is 3.8m wide

Check out all our pools with a deep end option here.

3. Shape Options

You have 5 pool shapes to choose from. They are:

The table below shows what shape options are available in each Sterns model:

Mission Beach Lindeman Whitsunday
Round Y Y Y
Oval Y Y Y
Rectangle Y
Raindrop Y
Keyhole Y


4. Size Options

Do you have specific size requirements?  Then use the links below to choose your pool first by width, then length.

2-3m Wide Pools

3-4m Wide Pools

4-5m Wide Pools

5-6m Wide Pools

All Pool Widths


Still need help choosing?

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