Not sure where to start with your pool or spa permit? Want to make sure it's done in a correct and timely manner. We're here to help.

We offer a hassle-free consultancy and advisory service to all new Modular / Above Ground Pool and Spa purchased with us. This service takes the time and pain compiling the necessary documents and drawings for the application of a Building Permit to construct a Modular / Above Ground Pool or Outdoor Spa and Safety Barrier.

The Standard Package Includes:

  • Download and compile the Property Title and relevant documents
  • On-site visit
  • Professional advice on the location and installation
  • Professional advice on safety barriers and fencing
  • Compiling the required Australian engineering for the desired pool or spa
  • Drafted site plan adequate for council and certifiers to complete the approvals
  • Drafted equipment plan adequate for council and certifiers to complete the approvals

In most cases, once we have gathered the required information we can provide you or the certifier with a pack the same day


Do I need a Building Permit for a Modular / Above Ground Pool or Outdoor Spa?

Yes, under Building Regulations 2006, any construction of a swimming pool or spa with a depth of greater than 300mm requires a Building Permit.

How long does it take to get a Building Permit?

Once we have compiled all the necessary items we generally anticipate that the Building Permit will come through within 1-2 weeks.

Why do certain fees vary from property to property?

While certain fees are prescribed by the State Government, many are not. Consequently, the local councils, water authorities etc have a right to charge what is deemed appropriate for the services they provide.

When can the Pool or Spa be used after the construction is complete?

After all the required inspections are carried out and approved, including the Safety Barriers, a Certificate of Final Inspection would be issued. At this point, you may then enjoy using the Pool and Spa.

What is the difference between a Planning Permit and a Building Permit?

A Planning Permit relates to the appropriate use of the land or building. Whereas a Building Permit relates to the structural stability and safety of the building works.


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