Give your pool the attention it needs. The Pool Warehouse technicians can help you keep your pool in tip top shape with a comprehensive quarterly pool service.

This service is perfect for pools that are automated or semi-automated, with owners that want the peace of mind knowing it's working as it should. The service includes all the necessary cleans, checks, adjustments and services, so that you just about never have to do anything. 

This service lets you and your family get back to what matters most…enjoying your pool!

What is included?

A quarterly pool service is a specialised service that includes:
  • Skim pool surface
  • Brush pool surface and tile line
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump baskets
  • Empty Robotic Cleaner
  • Backwash or clean cartridge filter
  • Clean chlorinator cell
  • Check equipment for proper operation and leaks *
  • Clean equipment area
  • Comprehensive water testing and chemical balancing **
  • Speciality chemical treatments such as phosphate treatments and algaecides
  • Final pool inspection
  • Adjust run times and chlorine production for seasonal changes

* We will advise on extra speciality items that may need replacing such as feeder tubes, probes, baskets, o-rings etc.

** Chemicals are charged extra.

If you are time poor or don't want to handle harmful chemicals, our quarterly pool service could be the perfect answer.

Enquire About Quarterly Pool Service

To organise a Regular, Quarterly, or Once-Off Pool Service, click on this link, SMS, or give us a call.


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