There are so many reasons why your pool has little to no flow. It could be something as simple as a tennis ball stuck in your skimmer basket, or maybe your due for a new pump. We’ve provided a list of common causes of no flow that could save you a few hundred dollars in having someone diagnose the issue for you.  

Try the following to see if you can get the water flow back to normal:

Check your water level

The optimal pool level is around 5cm below the top of your skimmer box. If your water level sits too low or below the skimmer box, there may not be enough water for the pump to pull through the system. Pop a hose into the pool to top it up and check the water flow.  

Check out your pump

If your pump is not turning on (and it is plugged in) it could mean the pump motor has died. We recommend popping into an Aquafirst store to find the pump that’s right for your pool. Look closely at the pump lid and the o ring. If you notice a crack in the pump lid or your o ring has been in better condition, you may need to replace either of these.  

Check if your pump is primed

If your pump looks like there is no water in it, turn it off and unscrew the pump lid without losing the o ring. Fill up a bucket with pool water and pour it into the pump, this is called priming. Once the water level reaches the top, replace the pump lid with the o ring and turn your pump back on.  

Clean any baskets in your system, including your skimmer and pump baskets

A build-up of leaves, toys, tennis balls (you name it) in these baskets can restrict water flow. Like standing under a tree when it’s raining - some will get through but it’s not enough for a soaking.

Clean your filter

Try backwashing and rinsing your media filter or soaking and hosing your cartridge filter. If your filter is dirty it could reduce flow. If you had no luck after cleaning your media filter Try turning the pump off and setting your filter to recirculate. If you now have normal flow, try backwashing again, if it still doesn’t work you may be due for a media change. If you had no luck after cleaning your cartridge filter You may be due for a replacement.

Check pump impeller

If your pump impeller is clogged, it will not be able to generate a strong enough vacuum, so now water flow. Take the pump lid off and remove the pump basket. Use a small tool like a screwdriver to reach down into the pump and remove any debris from the impeller.

Check the valves on the system

Imagine having a shower when someone turns the washing machine on, you’re probably going to have a low-pressure shower. Same goes for your pool or spa, try not to have too many things on at once.

Can you see a visible leak in or around your equipment?

A leak can reduce your water flow drastically, having it fixed as soon as finding it can save a lot of hassle. You will also eliminate the risk of your pump burning out from no flow. Take a video of the leak and bring it in store or send it to 0437 553 290 with your details and we’ll give you a call to discuss your options. If you have tried some of the above and still cannot get your system working, or even if it’s just too overwhelming, give Aquafirst a call on 9580 9488. We’ll be able to talk you through possible fixes or we can arrange for someone to come out and fix it for you.