If your pool appears to be losing water more than the usual backwash or splashing, there could be a leak or could just be evaporation. As a general rule, if you’re losing more than 5cm a week you may have a leak somewhere in your system. If you have serious and visible leaks call us straight away on 9580 9488

There are a few things you can do to identify if you have a leak and where the leak might be

Think back to when you first noticed a drop in the water level, were there any notable events that occurred around that time? For example, did your dog jump in the pool, any construction around the pool, did a glass fall in, or was there a really cold and wet or hot and dry day? Any of these factors could be causes for a leak and could help with identifying where the leak is.  

Does the water only drop when the equipment is on?

If yes, this indicates there could be a leak close to your equipment. Get the equipment running and see if there is any visible leak in the equipment itself or the pipework surrounding it. Tighten any loose lids and lubricate o rings, tighten unions if one has come loose.  

Does the water only drop when the equipment is off?

This indicates there might be a leak between your skimmer box and your pump, somewhere along in the pipework. It will be helpful to know this for when it comes time to fix it.  

Does the water in your pool stop leaking at a certain level?

If your pool has drained to say about halfway and has remained at that level for some time, it may indicate that the leak is somewhere along the pool surface around that level. Take photos of your pool regularly to monitor the levels as they drain.   If you have identified your leaks by using the above, call Aquafirst on 9580 9488 for advice on your next step. If you have a vinyl pool, an identified hole in the surface is generally a quick fix and you can buy the materials to do it yourself if you’re keen. For most other leaks, you will need a specialist to come out with the right tools and knowledge to diagnose the leak and provide a quote to fix it. On the day of your assessment, ensure the pool is full (if you can keep it there) and ensure it is in swimmable condition.